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Policy On Resolving Consumer Complaints

The Board of Directors of Lirio Resources at its regularly scheduled meeting dated April 25, 2017, approved the following revised policy.

Policy Statement

It is the intent of Lirio Resources to provide quality services to consumers and their families which meet the needs as indicated in each consumer’s Individual Plan. Also, it is the desire of Lirio Resources to be fair and reasonable with all consumers and their families/guardians.

The consumer and/or family member/guardian have the right to an advocate to represent them at any step of the complaint/appeal process or at any hearing/review/appeal.

If any of the parties involved in the complaint are unable to act within the time limits stated in the procedures due to legitimate reasons such as vacation, illness, family emergencies, etc., as approved by the CEO or his/her designee, the timeline will be adjusted accordingly. The above parties will be informed of any change in the timeline in reference to their complaint.

When a written complaint is passed from step to step it must be in its original form and contain any and all attachments.

If the timelines are violated by an agency representative without the approval of the CEO or his/her designee, the complaint will be settled with a resolution favorable to the consumer/advocate as determined appropriate by the Board of Directors. If the timelines are violated by the consumer/advocate the complaint will be terminated.

“Program Days” is defined as the time the consumer is routinely involved in programs or work.


Step 1

Within three (3) program days of the time that the consumer/advocate knew or reasonably should have known, of a complaint, he/she should present the complaint or concern verbally to the staff person who the complaint is against and/or a Program Supervisor. The consumer’s response, of accepting the answer or wanting to proceed to the next step shall be in writing. (The consumer/advocate may have an advocate present at this discussion).

Step 2

If the problem is not solved to the satisfaction of the consumer at Step 1, within three (3) program days of the discussion with the staff person and/or Program Supervisor, the complaint should be stated, in writing, signed by the consumer/advocate and submitted to the staff’s Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP). The CEO or his/her designee should receive a copy of the written complaint from the QIDP.

The consumer/advocate shall (1) name the employee or circumstance involved; (2) state the facts giving rise to the complaint/concern; (3) state the nature of the complaint; and (4) indicate the specific result requested. Within three (3) program days after receiving a written complaint the staff person’s Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional shall communicate his/her answer in writing and verbally to the consumer/advocate.

Step 3

If the complaint is not resolved in Step 2, the consumer/advocate may within three (3) program days of receipt of the staff person’s QIDP’s answer, appeal to the CEO or his/her designee by filing the complaint and the QIDP’s response with the CEO or his/her designee/ designee.

The CEO or his/her designee shall give the consumer/advocate an answer, in writing and verbally, no later than seven (7) program days after receipt of the written complaint. The consumer’s response of accepting the answer or wanting to proceed to the next step shall be in writing.

Step 4

If the complaint is still not resolved in Step 3, the consumer/advocate may, within five (5) program days after receiving the decision of the CEO or his/her designee make an appeal to the Board of Directors. The Personnel Committee may interview any or all the parties involved at their discretion. If the Personnel Committee interview the staff involved, the staff may also have an advocate to represent them.

The Personnel Committee of the Board of Directors will advise the Board of Directors of its recommendation and the final decision will be made by the Board and then presented within (10) program days, in writing and verbally to the consumer/advocate. The Personnel Committee and full Board of Directors may not consider any material or allegation that was not presented in Step 3.

The Board of Directors shall take the complaint recommendation under consideration in an Executive Session on the date of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.

The decision, which will come from the Board of Directors shall be final and binding on the corporation, the administration, the staff, and the consumer or advocate.

The consumer/advocate has the right to request a review by applicable state agencies as to whether Lirio Resources is in compliance with regard to the complaint. The designated CEO could assist the consumer/advocate in requesting this review including providing phone numbers to the above agencies. The assigned Case Manager or local Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BODS) office may also be contacted for these phone numbers.