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Learn with Lirio Resources

Lirio Resources Adult Day Services provides a space for individuals to build relationships and obtain natural supports outside of their home environments.

Adult Day Services

Lirio Resources believes that individuals with all abilities have the right to fully live and participate in their integrated community. Adult Day Services is a core service that supports this broad objective. Specific elements of an individual’s Day Services are selected in a person-centered process by the participant and their guardian.

Adult Day Services enables participants to build skills through group and individual instruction, community activities, recreation, and communication classes in an adult learning environment. These services are designed to assist individuals to live, work, learn and play in their community.

Day Services Locations and Frequency

Lirio Resources’s Adult Day Services are located in Rensselaer, Monticello, and the surrounding communities. Programming is provided four days per week, and transportation in the morning and afternoon is available.

Build Skills of Daily Living


Lirio Resources - Habilitation Training

Provides individuals the opportunities to participate in small group activities as an alternative to work. Individuals may participate in music appreciation, science and gardening, technology training, social skills, arts and crafts, household skills, meal preparation, and other individually tailored programs.

  • Household skills
  • Meal Preparation
  • Gardening
  • Technology training
  • Social skills
  • Individually tailored programs


Lirio Resources - Community Inclusion

Individuals are encouraged to explore their integrated community to develop new skills, interests, and relationships. Leisure time and volunteer placements are designed based on the interests of the individual to involve themselves in the community.

  • Volunteer
  • Community engagement
  • Social participation


Lirio Resources - Music Appreciation

Lirio Resources provides opportunities for Music Appreciation that support physical and psychological development and focuses on developing a variety of skills and behaviors.

  • Physical development
  • Music appreciation
  • Behavioral responses
  • Skill development