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Career Support Services

If you want a job that is worthwhile, important, and valuable, we’re here to help you find it. We work with adults with disabilities to prepare, obtain, and maintain meaningful work.

Work – Career Services

At Lirio Resources, we offer proactive and educational career support services. We help you prepare, obtain and maintain community employment. Working with us, you can develop career interests and work toward career goals in your area of your choice.

You’ll practice and train alongside others in a supportive environment with others to become a strong contributor to your current or future employer.

Convenient Locations

Our offices are located in Rensselaer and Monticello, Indiana with staff located throughout our five-county service area. Career services are state-funded and incur no cost to participants.

Job Training and Support Services



Pre-Employment Training

Lirio Resources - We are better together

In the early stages of preparing for the workforce, you may need a variety of training services. Below are some of the types of pre-employment services you can find through Lirio Resources – Work program.

  • Job Skills Assessment
  • Job Matching



Job Development

Lirio Resources - We are better together

Knowing your strengths and interests and matching them with the right employer is key to finding the right fit. Our job developers work with you to grow the knowledge and skills you need to find a job in a place you fit well.

  • Job Searching
  • Resume Development
  • Interview Coaching
  • Employer Expectation Management



Job Coaching

Lirio Resources - We are better together

Once you’re in the job, ongoing communication and coaching help you secure and stabilize your employment. We’ll help with employer communication and coaching to ensure you’ve got support to grow.

  • Onsite Support
  • Job Coaching
  • Benefits Counseling

Jobs Through Lirio Resources

Rest Park Maintenance

Housekeeping & Groundskeeping

Lirio Resources - Rest Park Maintenance

Lirio Resources provides attendant and groundskeeping services for two rest parks along interstate I-65 near Wolcott and Roselawn, Indiana exits. We contract with the state of Indiana to provide meaningful work opportunities for Hoosiers with disabilities.

Lirio Boutique

Retail Clerk

Lirio Resources - Lirio Boutique

Lirio Resources operates a thrift shop in downtown Monticello, Indiana. Employees assist customers, sort and maintain stock, clean the store, and process payments. The job requires patience and willingness to interact with the public.

Janitorial Services

Cleaning Attendant

Lirio Resources - Janitorial Services

For employees who prefer a manufacturing environment, we also provide work at our facilities or with customers providing machine processing, custodial services, inventory management, and industrial salvage jobs.